11 2017

In 2017, the HOMEAFFAIRS – Internal Security Forum Prague will enter its 3rd year. Our long- standing objective is to provide a specialized forum to discuss the most pressing internal security challenges.

The HOMEAFFAIRS Academy aims to improve the level of internal security policy insight among governmental security officials from Central Europe. Governmental experts will meet to enhance security co-operation among their different departments and countries of origin. Government and non-governmental experts will co-operate within the Academy to investigate the issues of Islamic extremism and integration policies. All Academy sessions are held strictly off record.

The HOMEAFFAIRS Conference provides a specialised forum for public policy makers, non- governmental experts and business representatives to discuss the most pressing internal security challenges. This year, our programme will focus on the interconnected challenges of Islamic extremism, migration and integration policies and the future of EU-UK internal security cooperation.

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HOMEAFFAIRS Academy and Conference

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